The Lakehouse Hotel

This Tudor-style boutique resort-The Lakehouse Hotel , is located in an expanse of verdant rolling hills, is close to Tanah Rata. Guests will also enjoy a prime location that is near Ringlet as well as a comprehensive selection of important cultural, historic, and tourist attractions.

The Lakehouse Hotel boasts a storied past, having been constructed by a retired British Army Officer in 1966, then it was purchased by its current owners in 1989 and has gained a positive reputation as an ideal getaway. The old world style restaurant serves breakfast and dinner in a calming ambience that is refined and regal, while relaxing and tranquil.

Guests staying at The Lakehouse Hotel Cameron Highlands can also enjoy an available candle light dinner at 9:30 pm, with a fine selection of a la carte dishes. The Lakehouse Hotel is the perfect venue for guests who desire a chic boutique style experience accented by magnificent surroundings and a wide array of on-site amenities.