The Bala’s Holiday Chalet

Surrounded by mountains, rolling hills and and located on a well manicured landscape,Planters Country Hotel (previously known as The Bala’s Holiday Chalet) is a popular English styled inn offers a refreshing ambiance. Enjoy staying at this country side property, guests will find it quite peaceful and serene making it ideal for a quiet getaway.

Not too far from Malaysia’s famous forest in the Cameron Highlands, The Bala’s Holiday Chalet is fully refurbished and fitted with antique furnishings, hence it is a perfect personification of British cottage in the olden days. All rooms capture views of the sunrise and sunset, most have their own fireplace and they also offer a cozy TV room and library for a pleasurable stay. Activities arranged by hotel include Countryside tours, Jungle Trekking and much more. The Bala’s Holiday Chalet is a peaceful hideaway.