Kowloon Hotel

Kowloon Hotel is a budget hotel ocated among the shophouses of Brinchang town center, with a popular Chinese steamboat restaurant at its ground floor. Like its name and signature lattice windows suggests, this Cameron Highlands hotel offers quaint accommodation in rooms that feature a modern but antiquated design

The Kowloon Hotel Cameron Highlands are modern and luxurious with a high standard of service. Guests would be pleased by friendly and courteous staff of this Cameron Highlands hotel, which is located within the Brinchang area and overlooking the delightful Cameron Highlands golf course.

At 5000ft high the Cameron Highlands air is cool and fresh with daytime temperatures in the high seventies, ideal for exploring the many footpaths and jungle trails in the Brinchang area. Beautiful wild flora, exotic butterflies, lush green tea plantations and busy farming communities, all are within easy reach of the Kowloon Hotel. Kowloon Hotel is now rebranded as Parkland Express.

Addreee: No. 34-35 Jalan Besar Brinchang,Cameron Highlands 39100,Pahang